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Possession of Controlled Substance

The seriousness of drug crimes in Utah depend on the weight of the drugs when they are discovered by law enforcement officers. If a person is arrested with only a few ounces of a drug, they are usually accused of drug possession. It is a sad truth that most people who have illegal drugs are never caught with them. If you have been unfortunate enough to be accused of drug possession, you should know that you are not alone. There are thousands of people who have successfully fought drug possession charges or who have negotiated beneficial deals with prosecutors that have enabled them to go on with their lives.

That said, just because drug possession is one of the lesser drug crimes does not mean that it is not a serious crime that can have a major effect the rest of your life. Drug crimes of any kind have severe social and cultural consequences most of these occur outside of the criminal justice system. These consequences include social stigma, damaging employment and housing implications and other reputational effect. Don’t let yourself forever be limited by one mistake. Let us help you fight the charges.

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Possession Of Drugs Crimes Defense

If this is your first drug offense, it is possible that you may be able to avoid going to jail. In many first time drug possession cases, defendants can qualify for short term drug treatment programs. If you think that you might qualify for a program such as these, call us so that we can help you talk to prosecutors. It is important that you have experienced legal help when you talk to prosecutors because anything you say might damage any future case that you could have. Having an experienced criminal attorney present with you when you negotiate is the best way to make sure that your rights are accurately and fairly considered in any negotiation with prosecutors.
Many drug possession cases rely on evidence that is gathered using methods that could easily violate your constitutional rights if they are not done right

Drug Possession

Utah has among the harshest penalties for drug possession. The laws that define drug possession, its varied forms and their corresponding penalties, are so complex. You might think you have not violated the law for carrying a small amount of Marijuana — but you have, and you can face charges and severe penalties upon conviction.

Getting an experienced drug possession lawyer is the best thing that you can do to walk away with a clean name and with your freedom intact. Criminal defense lawyer Thomas Weber has defended hundreds of drug possession cases. He will unravel the law, discuss your best options, and defend you in court with the best outcomes.

What Is Drug Possession?

Title 58 Chapter 37 of the Utah Code known as the Utah Controlled Substances Act identifies substances which are controlled under Utah legislature and under Federal Law. The law authorizes only licensed individuals or organizations to manufacture, produce, distribute, prescribe, dispense, administer, conduct research with, or perform laboratory analysis on these substances.

This means that if you are not licensed to possess these substances, then you can be in serious trouble. Many people make the mistake of thinking that carrying just a small amount of marijuana won’t do any harm. In Utah, it would.

What Consequences Do I Face For Drug Possession?

The penalties for drug possession in Utah depends on many factors, including, the type of substance, the amount of substance, whether or not the substance was carried, sold, or used in the presence of minors, among others. The gravity of penalty imposed increases along with the gravity of substance seen in your hands.

For example, possession of less than 1 oz of marijuana is identified as Class B Misdemeanor and can send you to maximum 6 months in prison and maximum $1,000 fine. Possession of 100 lbs is identified as Second Degree Felony punishable by 1-15 years imprisonment and a maximum fine of $10,000. In general, when you are convicted for drug possession, you face serious consequences, including:

  • Automatic suspension of driver’s license
  • Revocation of professional license
  • Revocation of business license
  • Ineligibility for federal aid
  • Deportation, in case you are a Non-US citizen
  • Jail time
  • Hefty fines

Getting help from a lawyer to defend you for drug possession charges is your best option. Do not attempt to walk away from drug possession charges. Paying off the fines may not be your long-term solution because conviction for drug possession may have far-reaching consequences. Speak to a Utah criminal defense lawyer today.

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Attorney Thomas Weber is thorough in understanding your case and preparing your defense, and aggressive in defending your case before the court. He will argue a not guilty plea or to lower the penalty in case of conviction.

You don’t have to be in jail for drug possession. Talk to us and get the best outcomes.

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