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Arrested on Firearms Charges in Utah? Time is NOT on Your Side.

If you or someone you love has been arrested on firearms charges in Utah, the time to act is now. The next call you make can mean the difference between freedom and prison. That’s why you should call Weber Law. We understand the stakes. We understand your concern – and even your fear. We’ve helped clients just like you get firearms charges reduced or dropped. You can count on us to deliver the legal representation you deserve.

He did everything he could to solve my case. There was no moment where I felt like I was alone. He went to his full extent to help me lower my charges. Great lawyer.”

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Utah Firearms Charges and Penalties

In Utah, the right to bear arms doesn’t extend to everyone. While Utah’s gun laws are lenient, there are harsh penalties when certain people are caught with a gun. For example, convicted felons can face firearms charges in Utah if they’re carrying a weapon, and could face up to 15 years in prison. Weapons charges can also be brought against someone who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence offense, a DUI while possessing a weapon, or a drug offense while carrying a weapon.

In Utah, firearms charges can be brought against a person who brings a weapon to school grounds, threatens someone with a weapon, or possesses a weapon with criminal intent. Weapons charges can also be filed against someone who discharges a weapon from a vehicle or near a highway, or carries a weapon while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These types of firearms charges in Utah can result in up to one year in jail and as much as $2,500 in fines for Class A misdemeanors, or up to six months in jail and $1,000 in fines for Class B misdemeanors.

Beating Utah Firearms Charges

There are several strategies that can be used to reduce or drop firearms charges in Utah. Weber Law may employ one or more of these defenses in order to achieve your goals:

  • Claiming that you acted in self-defense
  • Arguing that the police conducted an illegal search and seizure
  • Claiming that you were the victim of entrapment
  • Accusing the police of planting evidence
  • Contending that the police don’t have enough evidence against you
  • Claiming that police arrested the wrong person
  • Asserting that you acted in the defense of other people

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Tom Weber Can Get Utah Firearms Charges Dropped or Reduced

If you or a loved one has been accused of firearms charges, the time to act is NOW. You need a lawyer you can count on. Tom Weber is that lawyer. Mr. Weber has a proven track record of success in Utah courts, having had countless firearms charges reduced or dropped. He fights for every client and navigates Utah’s complex criminal justice system on each person’s behalf.

Call Weber Law today. We’ll deliver the aggressive defense you deserve and fight to prevent you from having a firearms conviction that could ruin your life and rob you of your freedom.

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