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Child Molestation Defense Attorney

Any accusation of child molestation is extremely serious. The prison terms are very long and the fines are very large. But even worse is the required registration with the state’s sex offender registry.  Under the laws of Utah, if convicted of a child molestation crime, you could be required to register with the state’s sex offender registry permanently. Your presence on this list could forever limit your options for employment, housing, and relationships.

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Child Molestation Crimes Defense

There are many reasons that people are accused of child molestation crimes. Perhaps you were involved in a terrible misunderstanding. Perhaps the alleged event happened many years ago and the alleged victim is relying on faded memory to make their accusations. Perhaps the alleged victim is being influenced by a parent or has some ulterior motive in accusing you of child molestation. Even if you are guilty you are probably aware that you need in depth professional counseling and psychiatric help–things that you will likely not get in prison.  

Others, accused of these crimes tell us that they are glad that they have been caught. They feel like finally, they will feel less shame about seeking the help that they know that they need. Unfortunately you will not find such help in the justice system. The criminal justice system is set up to punish those who are accused of child molestation crimes.

The public is not sympathetic to those accused of these crimes. You may find yourself feeling alone and abandoned by your friends and family. You may feel sad, depressed or even suicidal. If we could say anything to a person in your situation, we would say, “don’t give up.” We can help you with your legal problems so that you can focus on getting the psychological and psychiatric help that you need. No matter how bad the accusations, your life still has value that is worth defending.  Don’t let one negative part of your life destroy all of the good things that you have done and can still do for yourself and those you love.

Next, we would say that these negative events may stem from your own trauma. In fact, many studies have shown that many people accused of child molestation crimes are themselves more likely to have been victims of similar crimes in the past. While we cannot promise justice against those who may have wronged you in the past, we can promise to help you break the cycle of abuse that threatens to poison your life.   

We believe that with great effort, professional psychiatric help, counseling, friendship and understanding that you can live a good life.

You cannot simply rely on the system to look after your interests in this situation.  You absolutely must present the strongest possible defense that you can. Let us help you solve your legal problems so that you can focus on getting the help you need.

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