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Accused of Aggravated Assault in Utah? Time is NOT on Your Side.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or faces charges of aggravated assault in Utah, your next move can mean the difference between prison and freedom. It can mean the difference between being able to cash a paycheck and being unable to get a job. It can mean the difference between parenting your children and losing custody of them. That’s why your next move should be to call Weber Law. Our mission is to help people like you navigate the complex criminal justice system and get your charged dropped or reduced. We’ll deliver the legal help you need – using the right strategy every time

He did everything he could to solve my case. There was no moment where I felt like I was alone. He went to his full extent to help me lower my charges. Great lawyer.”

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Utah Aggravated Assault Charges and Penalties

Aggravated assault charges in Utah are serious. According to Utah law, aggravated assault is comprised of two parts. The first criteria relates to attempting to use force or violence to injure another person, threatening to do so and then exhibiting a show of force, or risking or causing substantial bodily injury to another person. The second element involves using a dangerous weapon, restricting the breathing or circulation of another person, or using some other method that is likely to result in death or serious injury. Taken together, this type of aggravated assault can result in a third degree felony conviction, which is punishable by up to five years in prison and up to $5,000 in fines. If the assault results in serious bodily injury or produces a loss of consciousness, the stakes can be even higher – a second-degree felony. A second-degree felony conviction can mean up to 15 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

Beating Utah Aggravated Assault Charges

Fighting Utah aggravated assault charges involves experience, keen knowledge of the law, and skill in employing the appropriate defense strategies. In mounting a defense in your case, Weber Law may:

  • Maintain that you were acting in self-defense
  • Argue that you were acting in the defense of other people
  • Contend that didn’t intend to injure the other person
  • Prove that your actions didn’t cause great bodily injury
  • Assert that you were wrongfully accused by someone with a grievance against you

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Tom Weber Can Get Utah Aggravated Assault Charges Dropped or Reduced

If you’ve been arrested on aggravated assault charges, the time to act is NOW. You need an attorney like Tom Weber – someone with a proven track record – by your side. His long record of success in Utah courts includes having had thousands of criminal charges reduced or dropped. He goes to battle for every client and will always be your fiercest advocate.

Call Weber Law today. We’ll deliver the aggressive defense you deserve and fight to prevent you from having an aggravated assault conviction that could ruin your life and rob you of your freedom.

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